Upholstered Furniture: all you need to know about it

Upholstered furniture is part of the decoration of houses in Portugal. From the living room to the bedroom and garden, these pieces, thanks to their versatility, adapt to any environment. If you like beautiful, functional fabrics, creative furniture, and comfort, upholstered furniture is a natural choice.

A brief history of upholstery

Originally, upholstery (or padding) referred to the repair of furniture. However, the upholstery craft has evolved and now also refers to the process of creating parts from scratch, from choosing materials to designing.

The padding technique can be applied to all types of designs – simple or complex. It is often used on sofas, armchairs, and headboards.

Fabric is the key element in any piece of upholstery and it is what makes all the difference. Still, you can never neglect the interior elements of the piece that are not visible. These aspects will influence the comfort and ergonomics of the piece.

Rules to choose the right upholstered furniture piece

There are four criteria for choosing upholstery parts and their materials:

  1. Functionality
  2. Durability
  3. Comfort
  4. Style

Advantages of padding, upholstery

  • Possibility of customization: fabrics and materials
  • Mostly manual production techniques
  • Embossed surfaces with strong appeal to the touch
  • Adaptability to all types of design and environments
  • Timelessness


The Power of Tissues

Fabrics can create strong and hard-to-ignore first impressions. Hence the importance of choosing the perfect design and materials. When selecting the fabric, divide your decision into different groups, namely: piece design, function, environmental harmony, and fire resistance.


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