The Camille’s: A mighty upholstery design family

The Camille’s: A mighty upholstery design family. Domkapa brings fresh design news for you! Take a look.

This range of upholstered seating pieces composes a cozy and charming decor. Its lines are inspired by an idealistic interior ambiance that arrives directly from our most luxurious dreams.

The Camille Chair, Armchair, and Sofa can be finished with in-stock options or customized in 100+ fabrics to suit the project’s needs and the client’s taste.

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Every element of Camille’s Family holds a stimulating design, as they hold an elegant combination of handmade couture techniques, wood, and metal.
Their shapes are inspired by the unique Asian architecture and each detail will elegantly flow inside of an interior design project.

Camille Chair


camille-chair-domkapa-upholstery-design family-furniture-interior-design-velvet-portugal

The Camille Chair was the “first-born”. This upholstered seating piece is a special design that originally holds a game of lacquered wood, gold steel, and pleated velvet. However, it’s possible to change its finishes in over +100 different materials and fabrics provided by Domkapa.

Camille Armchair

camille-chair-domkapa-upholstery-design family-furniture-interior-design-velvet-portugal

Camille Armchair rounded back shape allows a sense of comfort to any room. The perfect handmade work is done on the pleats presented on the interior of the piece, providing the perfect balance between uniqueness and simplicity.

Camille Bar Stool

This piece – Camille Bar Stool – is available in two different sizes (counter and bar stool). Specified in several exclusive bars and restaurants’ interior design projects, Camille Bar Stool is one of the favorite pieces of the range.

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Camille Sofa

camille-sofa-domkapa-upholstery-design family-furniture-interior-design-velvet-portugal

Camille Sofa is the star. The one that turns a simple living room into a luxury dedicated interior. Available as standard on a two-seat version, can be customized in terms of measurements, finishes, and fabrics.


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The Camille’s

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