Sofa Design: 4 Modern Ideas for Christmas

Who said that being stylish has to be uncomfortable?


Sofa – The place where you can enjoy pure relaxation after a day of hard work. Even if you have a huge bookcase in your living room, we all know who the main character is, right? You can not lie! And it is the living room where tends to be where so much of the Christmas festivities take place.



In this season everyone is looking for Christmas gifts and decorations so we decided to bring you this exclusive selection of sofas for you not to let down your friends and family when receiving them. Take a seat and keep reading!

Aniston Sofa

Domkapa Aniston Sofa

Aniston Sofa looks like the perfect piece for the sleepy kids while the grown-ups talk, don’t you agree? Made with velvet, black texturized steel in its structure and details of gold brushed stainless steel, it brings a little drama to modern living rooms.


Domkapa Aniston Sofa Ambience

Chloe Sofa

Domkapa Chloe Sofa


Chole Sofa is for the ones who have the perfect neutral living room we all dream of. Imagine this: a fireplace, Chloe, minimalistic Christmas decoration, having a great time with the family. It is such a great option, isn’t it?



Sofa so good! And for the ones who have smaller rooms, don’t worry: we got you!

Taís Sofa

Domkapa Taís Sofa

Soft curves and a charming identity: the representation of Taís Sofa. It provides a composition of a perfect living room set with an elegant design inspired by some of the hallmarks of the modern aesthetic. Velvet is never enough and combines perfectly with gold polished stainless steel.


Nicole Sofa


Finally, for those who are looking for fine lines and curated materialsNicole. A beautiful piece made with velvet and legs in gold polished stainless steel that will make your Christmas living room full of coziness!



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