Grazi Dresser

Grazi Dresser is a complementary piece indicated to store items and perfectly decor a room, at the same time.

Standard Dimensions
L650 x D550 x H1330

Standard Finishes
Pictured Finishes: Matte Walnut Wood, Gold Polished Stainless Steel, Clear Glass

*We offer multiple customization options. COM and COL are also available.



Elemental Collection

Elemental is a collection that was thought to be the perfect match between simplicity and art. Singular design pieces that want to show the potential of combining the right materials and shapes – fundamental pieces to complement exclusive projects. Discover more about this collection.


Elemental Collection

The Grazi Dresser fits perfectly the modern bedroom standards. They must be spacious, with a minimalist decor, functional and comfortable.

This wooden piece was designed to fulfil all these demands.

Design meets Comfort

Customization Options

Worldwide Shipping

High-quality Fabrics and Finishes


About Us

Domkapa holds a tremendous passion for detailed stitching, presenting several similarities to the haute-couture philosophy focused on the value of a “made by hand”.

About Us

Domkapa’s pieces are re-interpretations of classics, always respecting the design principles of proportion, balance, color, shape, and texture.


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