An outstanding decor inspired by Nature. Each element is represented harmoniously among themselves and among the entire ambiance, creating a slight sense of inner peace and incredible comfort. Every curve intertwines in a premium and quality result.


Mano Side Table

Standard Dimensions
L400 x D400 x H560 mm
L15,75 x D15,75 x SH22,05 in


Megan Armchair

Standard Dimensions
L680 x D750 x H720 x SH440 mm
L26,77 x D29,53 x H28,35 x SH17,32 in

Wood, velvet fabrics, and natural leathers are used in this set for a natural flow and vibe. All the colors chosen refer to the feeling of Nature without ever losing the contemporary identity of Domkapa’s products.


Mano Coffee Table

Standard Dimensions
L800 x D800 x H310 mm
L31,50 x D31,50 x H12,20 in


Disruption Sofa

Standard Dimensions
L4000 x D2440 x H800 x SH400 mm
L157,48 x D96,06 x H31,50 x SH15,75 in

Embrace this one of a kind decoration in your interior design project and give your decor nice and smooth lines, premium materials, and unique pieces handmade in Portugal.

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