Modern Living Rooms: 3 Pieces for Stylish Spaces

Creating modern living rooms is synonymous with welcoming spaces full of style and personality. The difference is often in the parts we choose, but also in the form as a combination. Explore our Suggestion of 3 Pieces for Stylish Spaces.

1. Position your sofa

The sofa is often the biggest piece of furniture in your living room, so having the right sofa in the right position makes the difference. You can combine it with a bookshelf, a side table or the perfect rug. Ideally, a statement sofa would make the difference and would be enough for your living room, demanding fewer accessories surrounding it.

Sofas’ Suggestions by Domkapa:

Camille Sofa

Tais Sofa


Stella Sofa


Xena Sofa


Kristen Sofa

Nicole Sofa


2. Create a central point

Modern living rooms need a central point. Known by being the anchor of a project, it is the starting point to attract the space’s look and can be of a picture, an office piece or a fireplace.

Armchairs’ Suggestions by Domkapa:

Camille Armchair

Demi Armchair

Angelie Armchair

Kelly Armchair

Alba Armchair

Greta Armchair

Elba Armchair

3. Add cozy details

Your living room should conceive the feeling of looking finished. It is the best way to convey warmth and comfort. Details are the required step – include footboards, pillows, blankets or lamps to make the space shine.

Casegoods’ Suggestions by Domkapa:

Gina Side Table

Greta Ottoman

Elba Ottoman

So, do you want to design a modern living room?


  • Avoid excess: do not put too many accessories, styles or furniture products. Remember that less is more.
  • Prefer the minimalist style to the detriment of exaggeration. The modern living rooms have strong statement design pieces combined with simple lines, neutral colors and central points.
  • Always base your project in balance and harmony.

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