Modern Home Project with Pink Sofa in Brussels

Did you say you wanted some inspiration? Count on us anytime!  Today we bring you a remodeled interior design project by Isabel Gómez Interiors. Keep reading to know all about this amazing ambiance!

Guided by the aspirations and aesthetics of its clients, Isabel Gómez Interiors is an interior design studio based in Brussels. This team of interior designers and architects creates interiors that are both sophisticated and relaxed celebrating the spirit of the people who inhabit them – as you can see in every ounce of space they work in.

Located in the heart of Brussels, this duplex apartment was remodeled to be a modern interior design project and we’re in love with it! This old townhouse, originally built in 1898, features some of its original elements such as the beautiful ceilings, the marble fireplaces, the big wooden doors, and the nice city garden. And, of course, it features some of Domkapa’s handmade designs – what makes it even more elegant and beautiful!



© Isabel Gómez Interiors

The goal of this interior design project was to bring the full potential out of this space and it was definitely achieved, don’t you agree?

An open space is the go-to if you want to make your home more sociable and modern. As you can see, an open living, dining, and kitchen area helps to eliminate unnecessary structures within a home while encouraging free airflow.



© Isabel Gómez Interiors


For the designer in charge, the design should tell a story and evoke emotion preferring quality over quantity – having, of course, a unique interior. And that’s the reason why they have chosen Domkapa‘s furniture, for its effortless modern look and modular pieces, as Disruption Sofa used in the living room.



© Isabel Gómez Interiors

Disruption Sofa

Disruption Sofa

Combining various elements to satisfy any desire for comfort. Disruption Sofa‘s curve lines were the seating selection for this amazing pinky room. It provides an elegant touch turning this room into a timeless one.


And the result? A modern home filled with charming details that combine different materials, shapes, patterns, and textures. A balance of modern and eclectic styles, neutral tones, and textures with mixed and unexpected materials in order to create a warm, welcoming vibe to each space.



© Isabel Gómez Interiors


The outside area is also a highlight of this project. The backyard is such or more stunning than the interiors!

With Domkapa’s outdoor collectionCopacabana, the small space was optimized to create a peaceful and comfortable look, perfect to relax after work or hang out with family and friends on the weekends. The match of the brick walls with the vertical garden does the final touch of this great project.



© Isabel Gómez Interiors

Copacabana Sofa

Copacabana SofaCopacabana SofaCopacabana Sofa

Copacabana Sofa is surely a piece that seduces because of its personality. The steel structure won’t oxidize, colors are treated to withstand the sun and the aesthetic is as strong as creativity allows. Divided by modules, you can give wings to your creativity and create a beautiful, elegant sofa for your outdoor.  Find all about it in our Outdoor Collection.


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Image credit: Isabel Gómez Interiors