Elemental Collection: Combine Comfort and Design with Domkapa

The Elemental Collection is part of Domkapa’s Catalogue. It is the perfect combination of simplicity and art. Unique design pieces that want to show the potential of matching the right materials and shapes – key pieces to complement unique designs.

Philosophy of the Elemental Collection
“Less is More” is assumed as the central concept of the product line of the Elemental Collection. The essential design of fine lines can provide a unique and fundamental interior, without losing what really matters in design: comfort, functionality, and well-being.


Minimalism: what is it?
The word of order in decoration and interior design has been: “minimalism”. What does it mean when you are decorating your home?

The concept emerged in the early twentieth century as the culmination of various artistic and cultural movements. In the world of design, the style was adopted from the ’80s.

The main influence of this style is the Japanese culture although it is currently often associated with the Scandinavian style.


The spaces
Environments are designed to house a few objects. Above all, it seeks functionality, quality, and respect for environmentally friendly solutions. It opts for neutral colors and cleaner layouts, to avoid visual pollution.


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However, it should be noted that minimalism does not mean sloppiness, quite the opposite. The minimalist style is deeply associated with carefully decorated environments. However, it is intended that these environments contain only essential, combining aesthetic functionality.

Natural Materials

Wood and leather are basic products in what regards minimalism, as natural products with high decorative potential.

Fast facts about the minimalist style

  • Golden rule: organization.
  • Secret: Respect for space and natural light.
  • Style: Narrow and simple lines.
  • Philosophy: less is more.
  • Color palette: the lighter the better. Preference for white, black, gray and some neutral tones like blue, green and brown.
  • Furniture: clean.
  • Privileged materials: wood, glass, stainless steel, leather, marble, and granite.
  • Decorative elements: pieces chosen for your affirmation or because they have a function for the day today.
  • Special touch: plants. It is not essential, nor should they be everywhere, but they give life to the house and can be part of any environment, even a minimalist.
  • Essential objective: to have the right pieces of furniture in the right place and with the least possible effort.

Elemental Collection’s Selection 

The Domkapa Elementary Collection is divided into different categories:

  • Armchairs
  • Chairs
  • Benches & Puffs
  • Sofas
  • Beds
  • Complements
  • Armchairs


Alba Armchair


Eva Armchair

Greta Armchair


Eva Chair


Binoche Chair

Jones Chair

Benches & Poufs

Bruni Bench


Low Pouf

Rubi Pouf


Sirley Sofa

Taís Sofa

Maya Sofa


Yumi Bed

Amanda Bed


Priscila Folding Screen

Cátia Nightstand

Luana Mirror

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