Dining Room Design: A Space Full Of Glamour

When it comes to blending optimism and comfort in great style, your dining room deserves all the attention. After all, is in the dining room that we enjoy a delicious meal and spend a great time with our friends and family. And Domkapa wants to be with you every second of your time so we brought you delicious dining chairs for you to impress your dinner guests. Let’s eat?


Binoche Chair

Domkapa Binoche Dining Chair

Made with powell wine and black ash matte, Binoche is an elegant dining chair that will turn your interior design project into something exclusive and stylish. This is the mandatory piece for cozy spaces that transmits the philosophy of less is more.
Its velvet texture makes every dining room a very special place full of glamour, right?


Essential Chair

Essential Chair

A chic set is introduced if you place Essential Chair in your dining room. This upholstery piece has velvet powell teja as its fabric structure and fumé stained beech in its legs – with a lovely and comfortable silhouette perfect if you want to ensure stability in your interior design project.


Gram Chair

Domkapa Gram Chair

Gram Chair is characterized by its geometrical shapes created with the finest materials and finishes. A magnetic eye-catching upholstery item perfect to make sure that you have a pleasant design experience while you enjoy a delicious meal. A modern addition perfect to complement an exclusive interior design project.


Ingrid Chair

Domkapa Ingrid Chair

Made for relaxing with a romantic atmosphere, Ingrid is a seating piece with a timeless design created by the combination of hayes camel as its fabric, fumé stained beech in its legs, and little details in gold. Its simple design makes it perfect for every style of interior design, don’t you agree?


Vianna Chair

Vianna Chair

Our designers wanted to find something simple but beautiful and this is the story of how Vianna Chair was born. A mix of comfort and simplicity that counts with elegant piping makes this seating unique! Its powel brick and fumé stained beech are perfect for adding drama and textures to every interior.


Katy Chair

Katy Chair

Dear readers, please make space for the future statement piece in your dining room: Katy Chair. Inspired by the feminine side of the Parisian lifestyle, this design item reinterprets a contemporary vision of a classic design. An ode to the handmade upholstery technique named deep buttoning.

Interior design is the quintessential art so ensure that you have a sublime aesthetic with any of these chairs. This way you’ll have your dinner guests amazed by the result of the mix of high-quality materials and comfort.

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