Casegoods Design: Creation Of The Perfect Aesthetics

The aesthetics of home decoration is achieved when every category of furniture is well combined. Sofas, armchairs, stools, and especially the casegoods. It needs to be clean and well organized to look sensational.
In the previous articles, we told you about how you can find the right upholstery items and now it’s time for us to bring you some casegood ideas. There are thousands of casegoods all over the internet but you will find the best of the best below. Let’s go!

Casegoods Design Creation Of The Perfect Aesthetics


A mirror will make you feel that your room is bigger than what already is and decorating an interior with mirrors is one of the most fun jobs ever! They are one of the most versatile design casegoods so make sure that you choose the right weight of the frame and frame design and it’s done – you’ll have your space boosted with glamour. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fanciest of them all?

Cleo Mirror

One of the suggestions we bring you in this category is Cleo Mirror. Cleo Mirror is a curvy special piece with a small shelf in wood what makes it a fundamental design mirror for an interior design project. Simple without being boring – the life motto of Cleo.

Domkapa Cleo Mirror


Sienna Mirror

If you’re looking for a smaller one, then Sienna is the right solution. Sienna Mirror is a statement piece that in an unpredictable way, combines two different materials: metal and fabrics. It is a special mirror designed to be the major glance in a room and it will increase the natural light in spaces for a homely feel.

Domkapa Sienna Mirror

Folding Screens

Folding Screens are always trendy in every era of design, right? These pieces will always get a new purpose when each style is in the trends. Speaking of a new era, did you know that this category of home decor was introduced a long time ago as dressing screens for the ladies? And now this piece is the detail that makes all the difference in every room. It is a mandatory casegood piece to create space in a bedroom or in other home areas.


Sunset Folding Screen

For the avant-garde design lovers, do yourself a favor and meet Sunset. With three different fabrics – powell brick, powell beige, and powell elephant – and gold polished stainless steel in its structure, this improbable piece shows its singularity in each detail. It will be the statement piece in every part of your interior design project.

Domkapa Sunset Folding Screen


Lavinia Folding Screen

Lavinia makes a contribution to our pieces in a special way. It shows how special a handmade couture piece can be and it sculps special shapes on unpredictable surfaces. This velvet piece is a gamechanger for any space. As a statement design piece, it is the ultimate finishing touch.

Lavinia Folding Screen


Which piece would fit the best in your home decor?
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