Capital: the New Collection by Domkapa

Capital is a collection that as the name implies present us an exclusive upholstery items selection that has as main inspiration bold design elements.

In this collection, Domkapa promises a hand full of design allied to comfort, key upholstery pieces with daring details, and materials’ combinations.


One-of-a-Kind Design Pieces

How does this happen? Everything starts indoors. Domkapa’s design team works side to side with the production, and this organic synergy allows the creation of innovative designs.


Describing the New Capital Collection in 4 words:

Avant-Garde, Contemporary, Magnetic and Stimulating. Each piece holds a very-well defined style expressed by an Idyllic Design Language.

Materials that can be found at Capital Collection

Combinations of Gold Metals, glossy lacquered woods, high-quality velvets, and linen fabrics. 2019 Trend Colors are also something constant in each piece of Capital Collection.

Finishes & Fabrics

Top 5 Items to see on this Collection

It’s a collection full of key-pieces. However, we prepared you a selection of  5 Special Items:

  1. Camille Chair

Camille Chair holds a stimulating design. An elegant combination of handmade couture techniques, wood, and metal, inspired by the unique shapes of the Asian architecture.

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2. Stella Sofa

Stella Sofa inspires itself on Peru’s Capital – Lima. A city where Nature’s the predominant element and where valleys and hills prevail. The item details allow it to be the perfect statement piece for an exclusive interiors project.

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3. Pearl Armchair

Pearl Armchair holds an idyllic language. A peculiar piece inspired on the Athenese history and architecture that elegantly complements an interiors’ project.

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4. Sunset Folding Screen

Sunset Folding Screen owns an avant-garde design. An improbable piece that combines metal and fabric showing its singularity in each detail.

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5. Leia Pouf

Leia Pouf is an eye-stimulating piece due to its details, materials and handmade couture technique. The best choice of a complimentary item.

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