Bedroom Decor: 7 Pieces Beyond the Bedside Table

The bedroom is the home space where you spend the most important time of your day, besides being extremely personal. The decoration of a master bedroom is, therefore, a critical moment and it should reflect who it is, revitalize and impress. Explore the 7 pieces we have selected for you.

Room Decoration

Between beds, stools, poufs and bedside tables, the options are endless.

Amanda Bed

Design piece with simple lines and materials. This modern bed from the Domkapa’s Elemental Collection will complement your room décor.


Monroe Bed

Inspired by the classic and feminine side of the Parisian lifestyle, it reinterprets the contemporary vision of classic design. The Deep Buttoning manual sewing technique adds elegance and opulence to this amazing piece


Teron Bench

A luxury key piece that takes an interior design project to a higher level. Metal and velvet come together, providing a sense of exclusivity.

Leia Pouf

Stimulating design piece due to its details, materials and craft sewing techniques.



Sienna Mirror

Unpredictably, it combines two different materials: metal and fabric. A special mirror designed to steal attention.


Sunset Folding Screen

Its avant-garde design gives it centerpiece status in room décor. A complement that combines metal and fabric, showing its uniqueness in every detail.


Scarlet Bedside Table

It is inspired by a luxurious lifestyle. Metal and velvet come together to give a sense of uniqueness to any interior design project.



The essential point in decorating a room is that it gives the impression that it belongs to someone. Finding inspiration is often the hardest, so stay tuned to our blog for daily inspirations.