Domkapa is an upholstery specialized brand based in Northern Portugal that values the combination of three main elements: manual sewing techniques, a unique design concept, and an exclusive high-quality materials’ selection.

10 years ago, Domkapa started its path by doing Private Label services producing furniture and upholstery items. This long and fruitful path, full of experience and achievements triggered the born of a New Brand’s Identity and Independence focused on creating the perfect meeting between comfort and design.

Currently, Domkapa works with leading interior designers and architects worldwide, has become in recent years expert in residential and contract exclusive projects.



As an upholstery specialized brand, Domkapa holds a tremendous passion for detailed stitching, presenting several similarities to the haute-couture philosophy focused on the value of a “made by hand”.

The usage of techniques such as manual cuts, hand sewing – plain seam, stitches seam, double stitched seam, slot seam, corded seam, piped seam – artisanal couture techniques – seams, darts, tucks, pleats hand – are uniqueness providers, making the sewing machine only a support compared to the mostly manual work.

Brand’s philosophy is adding value to each item, making it one-of-a-kind.


How does this happen? Everything starts indoors. Domkapa’s design team works side to side with the production, and this organic synergy allows the creation of innovative designs.

Domkapa’s pieces are re-interpretations of classics, always respecting the design principles of proportion, balance, color, shape, and texture; nevertheless, without losing the brand’s identity.

It’s getting harder to find comfortable and unique design pieces in the market. The art of Design is usually seen as something artistic but uncomfortable and with a lack of ergonomics.

Domkapa challenges its team to create the perfect daily meeting between Design and Comfort in each piece of the brand’s collections – from the foams to the woods and metals, everything is meticulously thought out to provide comfort and design to the client.


Capital is a collection that as the name implies presents us an exclusive upholstery items selection that has as main inspiration bold design elements. Key pieces with daring details and materials’ combinations.

An Avant-Garde, Modern, Magnetic and Stimulating style expressed by an Idyllic Design Language.


Elemental is a collection that was thought to be the perfect match between simplicity and art. Singular design pieces that want to show the potential of combining the right materials and shapes – fundamental pieces to complement exclusive projects.

A “Less is More” expression of what an essential, fine lines design can do to provide a fundamental unique interior.