A New Design Era Is Coming: Early Access Experience

A New Design Era Is Coming – That’s right! The new year is here and we bring you even more surprises that are about to happen. Embracing innovation will be possible with a new design era created for you to accomplish beautiful and memorable interior design projects.

A sneak peek of our new designs

We want to be with you in every second of your life: in your chair when you’re working, on your sofa when you’re relaxing… So we decided to get back to work! We listened to you and created truly pieces of art for you to bring up your stylish side of you!

Our design team works side by side with our production in order to provide you with a design experience with fresh pieces and more novelties that we just can’t wait to show to you!

A sneak peek of our new designs

These new pieces are all about elegant shapes without giving up ergonomic comfort and, of course, the expectable high-quality and craftsmanship that Domkapa values so much.

Immerse yourself in a new world of design. Be the first to discover first-hand the new Domkapa collection, with exclusive design and premium materials. Book a meeting with our team to uncover not only our new pieces but also our catalog, and new samples.

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From commercial projects to residential ones, you can’t expect anything but excellence. Upholstery is always our best shot so get ready to experience some cozy home updates full of glamour and clean lines.

2022 is the year of new adventures and ways to show you how we express our identity in everything we do. This long and fruitful path, full of experience and achievements won’t end. Thank you for being part of this journey of new discoveries and for supporting all our ideas. You will not regret it!

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