5 Upholstered Furniture Trends for 2021

Interior decoration is changing and trends in upholstery furniture for 2021 reflect this renovation process. Millennials do not just want luxury but especially comfortable pieces, as well as exclusive collaborations, environmentally friendly products, and inspirational strength. There are many more factors, so follow the trends and decorate according to your taste and personality – here we left you with a selection of 5 Upholstered Furniture Trends for 2021.

1. Colors for 2021
  • Navy Blue: A safe, neutral, and timeless color. However, it is strong and can be combined with virtually all colors and patterns. One of the main colors of 2019.
  • Blue-green: low saturation color. Its complementary color is coral pink.
  • Green Kale: green with shades of yellow, in an apology to pieces of furniture and colorful decoration projects, in a battle between minimalism and maximalism.
2. Style and Functionality

Upholstery is in constant evolution. By 2019 – a legacy of 2018: the appealing fabrics, textures and soft to the touch, are a trend. However, they should not only be beautiful they should also be functional and that means being easy to clean, longevity and comfortable.

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3. Neutral colors in glamorous pieces

Neutral colors are always safe and unreliable options. By 2019, pieces of furniture with neutral colors and glamorous shapes are a must-have, especially in interior design projects. Products with curves are also highlighted. Velvet is one of the essential elements of this trend, thanks to its sensory experience, elegance, and durability. The versatility of this fabric allows it to be used with different objectives in the spaces of home, such as:

  1. Colorpoint
  2. Chromatic complement
  3. Monochromatic brightness
  4. Coating
  5. Vintage Inspiration
  6. Sophistication

Source: Casa Vogue.

The choice of fabrics for upholstery furniture pieces is a decisive time and depends on several factors:

  • The piece’s function: in which room will be used?
  • Type of use: decorative, functional, among others
  • Cleaning
  • Fading
4. Geometric patterns

The textures are becoming imprecise and vague as the shapes become softer. Geometric and tribal prints are trendy, especially for the possibility of being adjusted to home space. The trend is that the fabrics look increasingly organic and integrated with the overall design of a room in the house, with softer patterns and elements.

5. Stunning Bed’s Headboards

Beds with sumptuous headboards are a must for modern homes. The bedroom is the space where we spend the most time and so that needs to be perfectly designed to provide a sense of comfort and still sophistication.


Velvet is a great material option for these bed’s decorative extras, once combines elegance, warmth, and the famously requested comfort.


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