5 Armchairs To Boost Your Home Decor

When it comes to home design, while the sofas are the statement piece in the room, armchairs always set the mood. Every day is a good day to find new armchairs, isn’t that right? And here we go – five special armchairs for you to upgrade your home decor!

This lovely selection of armchairs had to include our favorite ones, right? Get ready for an incredible journey between our history, our 100% Portuguese production, and premium materials. Let yourself be inspired!

Elba Armchair

Elba Armchair is for the ones who are looking for unique designs. Made with powel brick and a base of gold polished stainless steel, this curved armchair has some luxurious details that it’s impossible not to get noticed! Elba creates elegant environments thanks to its bold lines.
And here’s a secret: it will look even better with Elba Ottoman!

Do you need a discreet but elegant seating piece for your minimalist room? The next selection is about that.

Miller Armchair

Miller Armchair perfectly matches the square shapes of its structure with the soft curves and comfort of the upholstery supported with its unique seat and back pillows. The structure is made with natural leather carson siena and the pillows with the fabric helmand 02 providing a mix of colors for every sophisticated room.

There isn’t much we can say about the next armchair. It is simply wonderful with a feminine touch. It emanates such a sense of luxury and glamour!

Pearl Armchair

Pearl Armchair holds an exclusive language. Produced especially with velvet fraser with some details in gold polished stainless steel, the creation of this particular piece was inspired by the contemporary architecture that elegantly complements any style of an interior design project.
A classic form where each detail tells a different story and full of surprices.

If you’re looking for a statement piece, seat and enjoy getting know Harmony.

Harmony Armchair

Its name says it all! Harmony Armchair has elegant curves fully upholstered in leather. This seating piece is an unforgettable one with a soft and fluid silhouette – a mandatory piece for rooms that make a difference.


Legacy Armchair

Last but not least, Legacy Armchair. Pleasing to the eye and fully functional, this velvet armchair features high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail. Characterized by curved lines and minimalist design, this is the seating piece to enjoy simple moments.

Which one would fit best in your home decor? We would love to know your thoughts about these armchairs!

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