Mixed Materials: 2021 Ultimate Upholstery Trends

Mixed Materials: upholstery fabrics are combined with hard materials to create eye-catching designs. Brands continue to expand the potential and range of possibilities that materials offer, exploring finishes and material pairings.

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by Bohinc Studio | by Kelly Wearstler

Materials 2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trends-domkapa-furniture-design-1

by Domkapa

Warm metals, including gold, copper, bronze, and rose gold, remain a strong driver for the category. Prominent finishes include glossy, brushed or highly tactile hammered motifs. Brands offer single items in different metallic finishes to encourage a mix-and-match collection range or for styling purposes. In a similar way, different metals mix together in the same product, creating a multi-tone effect.


Versatile and endlessly inspiring, wood is being worked with new curiosity across the design. Wood will always be an important material for interiors, adding warmth, character, and craftsmanship across products and surfaces.

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Velvet remains key, softening rougher fabrics such as waffle weaves. As velvet gains importance in the home, new directions for color, texture and printed renditions keep this sumptuous material fresh and relevant across seasons. Velvet is here to stay, driven by the growing need for comfort and tactility that is core to interiors.

by Domkapa


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by Burberry

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by Domkapa

The leather is emerging across interiors in a range of styles, techniques, and forms, with designers playing with the possibilities the material affords. From stiffened leather structures to boiled and supple qualities, leather is combined with other natural materials such as wood, glass, and marble to create fresh furniture.

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