Symmetry: 2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trends

Today we will cover a precise style – Symmetry. Domkapa’s blog has covered all the 2019 World Upholstery key details related to shapes, colors and materials.


Design is an art of order and balance. Of course, there is the occasional piece that seems to rebel and pop against everything else, but even that is well thought out and carefully placed by an experienced interior designer. Aesthetically, a balance in design gives the place a calm and deliberate feeling.

Symmetry in the interior design world is everywhere: a pair of similar chairs in the living room, two nightstands, paired pillowcases, and even two windows in one room, or even be on a theme or color palette, by balancing light against dark, or the lightweight against the heavy.

by Studio 882

2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trends: Symmetry

This Design Trend is almost like a rule in interior design principles. But what about decor, furniture, and upholstery items?
Statement symmetrical upholstery pieces combine infinity possibilities of playing with shapes, colors, and textiles, on a symmetrical way making each project a one-of-a-kind. The perfect example is the below one:

Stella Sofa by Domkapa

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Match it with the Art Deco Sideboard by Modshop

Brought from the Haute-Couture Fashion World, the 2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trend: Symmetry brings us a sense of luxury, modernity, and uniqueness.

by Irin van Herpel


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Painting by Todd Eberle

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