New Buttoning: 2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trends

New Buttoning: Buttoned details on abstract furnishing pieces add a hint of classicism. The deeper the button, the more emphasis on the depth of the cushioning, giving more dimension to everyday furniture structures.

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This technique is being introduced into other areas of the home, such as frames and accessories.


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by CC Tapis

The detail in upholstery seems to be playing an increasingly important role and we have seen some really interesting developments with regards to studs, stitching, piping, and buttoning.

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The markings of a buttoned furniture or upholstery piece are usually traditional. However, this 2019 Upholstery Trend was re-invented and is currently named New Buttoning technique.

Designers these days are pairing traditional models with modern icons and decor, using updated versions of the items. These buttoned pieces play with proportions, colors, textures, and lines, making nods to tradition but busting out of the mold at the same time. They are especially popular in modern eclectic rooms, where a mixture of eras and styles is essential.

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