Maximalism: 2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trends

Maximalism holds strong in interiors, with a more-is-more aesthetic spreading across hard products and textiles.

Historical influences are updated with a mix-and-match approach. Maximalism continues as a key trend for 2019, particularly for upholstery and lampshades, with all-over clashing patterns and tonal color combinations.

Clarie Armchair by Domkapa

Whereas minimalism is for everyone—it’s simple, straightforward and can’t be messed up—maximalism requires some risk, in addition to a modicum of taste and knowledge of color, scale, and material—all things the average consumer isn’t necessarily confident they possess.

Patterned styles range from bold graphic florals to colorful folk designs for a more-is-more interior feel. Mix and match prints across collections to encourage creative self-expression and a personalized, curated look. Product outlines are simple, with patterns driving the focus for impact.

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Alpaga Cabinet by Ibride

We started tracking a return of maximalism in interiors on the last years and have also watched it take over fashion, thanks namely to Gucci and Alessandro Michele. However, it’s been a slower burn for interiors. This is due to the nature of interiors products. They are larger scale, more expensive purchases in which consumers often want to stick with a classic piece that will stand the test of time, rather than a “trend-piece.”

Iris Apfel, the queen of Fashionable Maximalism


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