Floral Prints: 2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trends

Floral prints appear across all areas of the home, infusing interiors with a calming sense of nature. These patterns evolve with artistic and experimental techniques, ranging from subtle to eye-catching designs.

This is the 2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trends: Living Coral. The unique Pantone’s Colour of the Year has already influenced numerous creations in the world of interior design, fashion, home furnishing and upholstery, graphic design and others.

Moodboard by @Domkapa

Floral patterns are an easy evolution from the tropical prints that have been around. We will be seeing floral prints and patterns pretty much everywhere, and not just in our homes, but in our wardrobes and everyday clothing as well.

Dresses by Dolce & Gabbana

The traditional beauty of floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use.

Rug by Moooi

Vibrant floral patterns are also on trend in 2018. While florals have actually been returning for a while, specialists believe larger, bolder flower patterns are making big strides.

Pillow by C. Lacroix

Flower patterns with intense contrasting colors are an excellent way to make your floral patterns pop. Aside from furniture, you could use floral patterns for drapes, or even wallpaper!

Wallpaper by Elle Decor


Furniture manufactured with floral print fabric is one more way to incorporate this trend in your home. There’s an endless supply of furniture with floral print fabric. They range from swanky to playful, and comfy to formal.

Folding Screen by 1st Dibs


Don’t discount the power of furniture accent pieces. Floral print ottomans, both small and large, pair well with existing solid print furniture.

There are other ways of having a floral patterned interior decor by adding patterned pillows, lampshades, rugs, curtains, and others. Obviously, you can match them with plain upholstery items.

Leia stool by Domkapa

Alba Armchair by Domkapa


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