Art Deco: 2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trends

Art Deco, as the new mid-century modernism interior trend, would obviously have to be featured in one of the Ultimate Upholstery Trends Articles.


This 2019 Trend become more prominent this year, inspiring both textile design and furniture silhouettes. From a color perspective, pink continues to be very strong in furniture. Given that, we expect colors that complement the blush hue to do very well—specifically, olive green, oxblood, and navy blue.

Sunset Folding Screen by Domkapa

2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trends: Art Déco

Everything old eventually becomes new again, and Art Deco seems right for this moment, glam and playful but still with a bit of a minimalist bent.

Sideboard by 1st Dibs

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As one of the most inspiring, opulent and glamorous periods in design history, hints of this 2019 Upholstery Trend are popping up in detailing not only in upholstery items but also on tables, chairs, lighting. Mixed metals trend also give a nod to the style.

Rendez-Vous Chair by Gio Pagani

Rug by Amara

The new Art Deco is a bit more streamlined than the old Art Deco, filtered through a modern sensibility. It’s fresh, and colorful, and playful, just what the interior design scene needs right now.

Wallpaper by Affresco

The 2019 Ultimate Upholstery Trend Art Deco is the epitome of glamour, sophistication, and opulence. Set to make an appearance this year, this envy-inducing trend features strong color palettes, geometric lines and bold details that are bound to wow.

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Armchair by Casa Botelho

Influenced by the era of technological innovation, Art Deco is impossible to ignore and even harder to not fall in love with. In fact, it’s the perfect fit for a modern, style-conscious interior design project. Don’t you agree?

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