10 Inspirational Interior Design and Decoration Projects

We are so obsessed with these 10 interior design and decoration projects! These will conduct you to discover your personal style and create your own space. Keep reading!


Project number 1: Vila Foz Hotel & Spa

Signed by the prestigious interior designer Nini Andrade Silva, Vila Foz Hotel & Spa‘s décor project draws on 19th-century history to create spaces defined by refinement and an intense romantic atmosphere.

Located in the mouth of the river Douro, this hotel opened its doors in March 2019 and the quality of the materials, the softness of the textures, the perfection of the finishes and the nobility of the decorative elements make the design majestic and unique.



Source: Vila Foz Hotel & Spa 

Project number 2: Lievito Gourmet Pizza by MDDM Studio

The monochrome palette is broken by some decorative details that give the project a mysterious atmosphere. Signed by the Chinese design studio MDDM, the décor of this gourmet pizzeria in Beijing is affirmed by its bold lines.


MDDM STUDIO projects are signed by architects Momo Andrea Destro and Margret Domko.

Source: dezeen

Project number 3: Triplex em Tribeca by Kelly Wearstler

One of today’s most prestigious interior designers, Kelly Wearstler stands for luxury detail and material mix. The extravagance of the gold pieces is balanced with the functionality of the furniture, inspired by the 80’s design.


Source: Kelly Wearstler

Project number 4: Paul R.Williams’s House


Jean Louis Deniot is one of the leading French names with regard to interior decoration. Paul R.Williams’s house reflects a refined and bold creative style. The project took over a year to complete. The house is located in Los Angeles, USA, and recovers the Hollywood style of the 1930s, trying to remain faithful and without reinterpretations.

Project number 5: Blainey North

Blainey North & Associates is synonymous with luxury, sophistication, and design. Specializing in architecture and interior design, the Australian office works primarily for hotel projects, mansions, and commercial projects. In 2018, it completed a residential project in Sydney valued at over 15 million euros. The work stands out for its vintage dimension and polished style.

Source: Carlyle Designs e LuxDeco

Project number 6: Peter Marino

Situated in Manhattan, Peter Marino’s 5-house building is an ode to contemporary design, with simple, comfortable and inviting shapes, but never neglecting design. Named “The Gett Residences“, all spaces are tailored to their residents.

Project number 7: Iberostar Grand Hotel Portals Nous

Focused on creating sensory experiences, Marcel Wanders is the ultimate name for lovers of home with personality.

The Iberostar Grand Hotel Portals Nous hotel project welcomes guests with humor, irony, and eroticism. an environment tailored by Marcel Wanders. Located in Mallorca, Spain, this work stands out for its combination of whites, transparencies, and reflective surfaces.

Project number 8: Residential Project

David Hicks creates spaces with a holistic vision, combining three essential aspects: architecture, design, and decoration. This spring house combines different materials and designs in breathtaking harmony.

Source: David Hicks

Project number 9: Greg Natale

Greg Natale’s studio headquarters expresses the interior designer’s philosophy to its full potential. It draws on the complexity of architecture, construction, interior design, and decoration to create stylishly and above all functional spaces.

The look crosses various points of interest in each room, with colors and fabrics standing out.


Source: Greg Natale

Project number 10: S Bar

Developed in collaboration between Philippe Starck and Theresa Fatino, SBE’s creative director, S Bar offers a sophisticated and bohemian ambiance in the eclectic style that makes Philippe Starck unique.

It’s the perfect bar for a late afternoon cocktail or evening out.

Source: Philippe Starck

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